Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Staying with my 2011 theme: understanding what makes the Almighty tick and then click "sync" 
Decided to revisit a nasty English word, "Repent". 
Trying not to gag on the religious stench, I examined it from different angles, like one of those antiques that might not be worth saving.  I imagined it young, fresh off the shelf, advising humanity to lay down stupidity and embrace humility.  
Ignore another trend?  Couldn't hurt.  Pushed apply.  Repent enacted.  My settings changed.  
Sorrow was immediate.  And yes, suppressed guilt... acknowledging the asshole in me.  Then a tangible cleansing.  I loved it.  A reorientation: a new confidence.  
I'll bare the stench and take this ol' gem on the journey.  

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