Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Faith Uprooted the Iron Curtain

We're celebrating 25 years since the fall of the iron curtain and the wall between East and West Germany.  I'm reminded of all the faith movements that led up to that moment and the overwhelming sense that the whole thing was a God-thing.

In our prosperity one may forget God, but he was the strength for millions in times of oppression. Thank God their gentle faith uprooted tyranny and brought about a perfect and bloodless revolution.
God is good.

Lithuania's Hill of Crosses
Pope John Paul II's "Fear Not" speech in Poland (1979)
Prayer for Peace in Leipzig, East Germany (Oct. 9, 1989)
Pan European Picnic (August 9, 1989)
Prague's Velvet Revolution  (Nov. 19, 1989)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Movie Review: Kurmanjan Datka - Queen of the Mountains Movie

Updated (November 28, 2014): I watched the last showing of Kurmanjan Datka in Beverly Hills last night. It was awesome.  I liked the movie so much more and the story gaps that I thought existed when I first saw it are not there.  I simply wasn't following all the characters or picking up all the dialogue.  The cinematography, scenery, and horse riding are spectacular.  The historic piece is well told and accurate.  There are many characters who change over time, so I recommend watching the movie twice. 

Here's an updated version of the November 5th posting:

I watched the Kurmanjan Datka - Queen of the Mountains movie last night in Hollywood. Kurmanjan Datka has always been a hero of mine. She influenced history so her descendants could have their own nation today.

The film is beautiful and the acting is wonderful.  Some non-Kyrgyz audiences, unfamiliar with Central Asian history, will have difficulty following all the characters, but the sheer beauty of the film's story, scenery, and cinematography highlighted with Kyrgyz culture override the complexity and carry the audience into a beautiful world.  The second viewing takes us deeper into the unending intensity and passion led with wonderful acting and tangible tension. The final climax of the movie was one of the best I've encountered.  Yes, I was holding back the tears.

Many epic scenes are etched into my mind's eye. I do think the film could be a contender for oscars, especially cinematography and female actress. Let me say again, you have to watch this movie twice. On second viewing I think the screenplay is also worthy of a nod.

I'm proud of the Kyrgyz - one of the most amazing nations on earth.  I'm honored that God brought to live among this ancient nation.

Kurmanjan Datka Trailer

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