Sunday, January 4, 2015

True Muslim

A self proclaimed "secular American Muslim" chatted about his love for God and the difficulties Islam faces with so many sects all claiming to be true worshippers while denouncing the "others".

I want to add my voice to the yammer: The Qur'an describes a Muslim as someone who accepts all of Allah's verses, books, and revelations without separating one from another.  The Qur'an goes on to acknowledge the Torah, Psalms, and the Good Message (Gospel) as divine books or revelations.  Unbelievers, the Qur'an says, are those who denounce and reject Allah's revelations. Many Muslim nations, however, forbid Allah's early books - the Torah, Psalms, and Good Message. You can't find the great anthology in their book stores.  So can we take their faith seriously?  I know the arguments: "The early revelations have been changed".  Even that argument goes against the Quranic decree proudly pronouncing "the great victory" which is that Allah's revelations can't be changed. Of course, the Qur'an states that teachers will orally change the message or extract verses from their context to misrepresent truth, but the revelation itself is written. So, it seems, a true Muslim is one who reads and believes all the holy books, not just one of Allsh's book or only a few of His revelations.

The real path to inter-religious peace and dialogue is Muslims' faith in Allah's early books. 

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