Monday, January 31, 2011

Enjoyed this video by a Native American elder.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

War: a black hole pulling amazing lives from distant spheres into its ultimate darkness.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Did anyone cry for the Kyrgyz? If so, did anyone hear?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Исламга чейин Християнчылык болгон.  Християнчылыкка чейин Жөөттүгү болгон.  Жөөттүгүнө чейин Теңирчилик болгон.  Өзөгү өлбөсө дарак өлбөйт.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Really liked the religious diversity promoted in this article.  Central Asia does have this greatness flowing in the blood.
«Бир кишинин жүзүм багында анжыр дарагы болот. Ал келип, андан мөмө издеп, таппай коёт. Ошондо ал бакчыга: “Мен үч жылдан бери келип, ушул анжыр дарактан мөмө издеп, таба алган жокмун. Аны кыйып ташта, бекер эле жерди ээлеп турат”, – дейт. Бирок жүзүмчү мындай деп жооп берет: “Кожоюн, быйылча аны коё тур. Мен анын тегерегин казып, кык төгөйүн. Мүмкүн, ал кийинки жылы мөмө берер. Эгерде бербесе, кыйдырып саласың”» деген үлгү-насаат аңгемени айтты Иса.
2010 жылында, Апрел айында кыдыр ак үйгө келип, мөмө издеп, таппай койгон.  Июн айында Ошко барып мөмөсүздүгүнөн кожоюндун кыжыры кайнаган окшойт.  Үч күндөн кийин бакчылардын бири кожого кайырылып, “Кожоюн, быйылча коё тур. Мүмкүн, ал кийинки жылы мөмө берер. Эгерде бербесе, кыйдырып саласың” деп өтүнгөн окшойт.  Теңир макыл болуп бизге дагы бир аз убакыт берген дейм.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Staying with my 2011 theme: understanding what makes the Almighty tick and then click "sync" 
Decided to revisit a nasty English word, "Repent". 
Trying not to gag on the religious stench, I examined it from different angles, like one of those antiques that might not be worth saving.  I imagined it young, fresh off the shelf, advising humanity to lay down stupidity and embrace humility.  
Ignore another trend?  Couldn't hurt.  Pushed apply.  Repent enacted.  My settings changed.  
Sorrow was immediate.  And yes, suppressed guilt... acknowledging the asshole in me.  Then a tangible cleansing.  I loved it.  A reorientation: a new confidence.  
I'll bare the stench and take this ol' gem on the journey.  

Monday, January 10, 2011

  a festive circle of friends. Staying consistent with the origin, true sherinés exclude foreign forms, including foreign alcohol, welcoming Kyrgyz bozo*, kymys**, etc.
*   an unfiltered ale
** a malty shake
Gridlocked at the intersection of Kyrgyz spirituality and Divine humaneness

A few years ago two Kyrgyz men, who enjoy my odd scriptural Kyrgyz life-mix, invited me to their sheriné (a circle of friends). I still haven't left their circle.

Last night one friend started a unique form of what the Judaeo-Christian world would call "prophetic" and Kyrgyz-sufis would consider "seeing".  Very inspired.

Through the night the sacred seemed to revel in the laughing, feasting, and socializing.  The Creator's O2.

I woke up this morning wrapped in wonderment, thanking God for letting me hitch a ride on a caravan that is routinely broadsided by the miraculous. 
Day after day the brutal cold locks its grip on the people, extracting finances, taking lives.  But this too will pass.
If the one who fashioned romance is himself romantic, wouldn't the invitation to eternally unite depict a love bash more than a holy mass?
Lovin' Kyrgyzstan, where sufi Muslims and nestorian Christians once lived harmoniously among rumors of lost Israeli tribes.

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