Tuesday, June 2, 2015

God's Existence

To A Friend Who Just Acknowledged God's Existence

Hi friend,

The most pivotal aspect of knowing God is to develop a real relationship with Him. There are two aspects to this journey: talking to God and reading about him. God is good.

The ol’ book (Bible) has no equal. It has inspired more art and human development than anything in the human experience. Developing a dialogue with God and learning to hear him and know him is the ultimate height of life. I often feel God’s breath or spirit when I read this holy anthology. 

There is also something about Isa (Jesus) that cannot be ignored. Humanity cannot save itself. We cannot get out of our pit or reach God, but God can reach down with his right hand (Isa) and pull us back to reality. This human extension of God is so unique that he, like the book, has become the ultimate pinnacle of human inspiration and development. He is both the mesikh of the Islamic Koran and a major guru of Hinduism - Gandhi’s greatest model. I also believe he is the template that superheroes and Hollywood leads are based on.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, the human spirit acknowledges its need for a messiah in every culture, ethnicity, and geographic space.

Until we meet,

Monday, June 1, 2015

Damascus' finally hour?

I fear for the million plus inhabitants of Damascus. I fear that this may be the battle spoken of in Isaiah 17, which foresees the complete destruction of Damascus. The prophesied annihilation is worse than the bombing of Berlin, a city which was flattened and rebuilt. The recorded premonition says Damascus will be so completely destroyed that it will no longer be a city.

The book has been consistently correct with its predictions, so living in Damascus wasn't wise. Nonetheless, we need to pray that many people can escape if this is in fact Damascus' finally hour. 

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