Saturday, October 25, 2014

Beloved Object of Worldwide Hatred and Censorship

To the question, "who or what is the most beloved object of worldwide hatred and censorship?" - one would say it was the Jews and the Jewish nation have historically been "the problem". Another would contend that the crucified Isa-Jesus is the most censored. And still a third would claim the literary masterpiece banned from Atheistic Communism to Islamic Republics was both the most loved and hated of all.

Upon deeper analysis we might see a common thread linking the three and a common nemesis behind the attacks on all three.  Jews are known to many in the Muslim world and beyond as God's Chosen, descendants of the ancient prophets; Isa is history's most famous individual Semite, a.k.a. the messiah in both the Koran and Bible; and the third is the great anthology of Semitic sages, wisdom, oracles, history, etc., often referred to as the Word of God or Allah's previous books/revelations.  Each one of this trilogy stands alone, head and shoulders above others in their perspective categories.  The Manas Epic (itself a trilogy) has been blessed to harbor some of this favored greatness

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