Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm still enjoying the sacred texts. Once again, I'm drawn to Jesus (Yeshua, Isa). He is truly magnetic. I have found that there are all types who stick to him; Hindus who call him the ultimate guru, Jews from the 1st and 21st centuries who call him "King of the Jews", Muslims who acknowledge the Qur'an's confirmation of his unique Messianic role, healing power, and miraculous conception, and Kyrgyz who recognize him as superior to mortal prophets on the order of the eternal Kydyr. We're all from different lands, different cultures, different religions, and speak different languages, but we're drawn to one individual who captures our highest aspirations and fulfills our truest religious and spiritual sentiments. I do not believe he asks us to change cultural or religious communities. He accepts us just as we are and "converts" us to a heavenly perspective often called "kingdom of heaven", not to a new culture or religion.

There have not been enough books written or movies produced about this amazing magnetic character.

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