Sunday, December 28, 2008


Again, I need to ask Kyrgyz and Native Americans to forgive the terrorists acts my people committed against your people. Please forgive us. We murdered Native Americans. There is no excuse.


I see the Almighty still working on my heart regarding the terrorism inflicted from the hand of my ancestors (See Dec. 15th 2008 post). On Christmas day I learned that I am descended from a Capt. Gallup who captured and drowned Native Americans at sea. I'm sick and would rather not know that I have descended from such corruption. I don't want you to know either. My enemies in Kyrgyzstan will use this against me. I can only hope that the inherited evil will be stopped and that healing for all of us will come from confessing this murder, asking God and Native Americans for forgiveness, and by decisively turning from the cruel path. I know the old ways require appropriating blood from an innocent sacrifice. Both Native Americans and Kyrgyz are intimately aware of this ritual, the payment feast (Toloo in Kyrgyz). In the same way that I have been a communal part of Capt. Gallup's sin and the resulting curse, I now ask for the spilled blood of Messiah Isa (Jesu) to be incorporated or appropriated into my life, family, work, and inner world. May my Creator look on me and have mercy.

Risbek (Richard)

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